Our Team

One of the great things about Rodan + Fields® is that we each come from different backgrounds, with unique stories and experiences.  What we have in common is fantastic skin (of course!), a love for this business, and a desire to succeed together.  Check out some of our amazing Team Leaders!


AMANDA BREAKSTONE: Amanda’s journey started as a skeptic who never thought she’d see herself as a consultant. She put the products through rigorous tests (including using the ‘miracle’ Eye Cream on just one eye) to ensure they were as amazing as everyone claims. After a year as a customer she just couldn’t deny that the doctors were onto something incredible – and she needed to get in on the action. Amanda became a consultant in January 2017 and hasn’t looked back. Her inner Rockstar shines as she loves helping others to discover the life-changing side of R+F. Contact Amanda

BecBEC RENNICK: Bec joined Team Rockstars in June 2017. After years of trying out every product imaginable and monthly in-office treatments that showed little to no change in her complexion, Bec knew that she finally found the perfect skincare with Rodan + Fields products. Bec saw amazing results within two months and wants to share the gift of healthier and more beautiful looking skin. Her two little boys are her world and her dream is to travel the world with them. R + F has enabled Bec to start working towards her dream. Contact Bec

EliciaELICIA STRAZZERI: Elicia’s R + F journey began in October of 2015. After experiencing amazing results in just one month of use, she jumped on board. Elicia loves being a stay at home Mom, and this business allows her to have the life she wants at home with her son and the extra income to insure she won’t need to go back to work once her kids are in school. She truly thrives on the positive feedback and the ability to help her clients achieve healthier, more beautiful skin. She is always looking to empower other women by having them join her in rocking a side (or not-so-side) gig.  Contact Elicia

Ellie 2

ELLIE BYROM: Ellie started her own R+F business in May of 2017, dreaming of building a self-sufficient life for herself. With a full-time day job as a cosmetologist in a hotel spa, she loves making people feel beautiful and helping them see the best in themselves. However, the long hours and weekend shifts make her other passion, music, a struggle. R+F has given Ellie a chance to start working towards her own dreams. She’s building a life where her loves of music, beauty, and family can connect instead of clash. Contact Ellie

ErinnERINN CAIN: Erinn started her R+F business in April 2016, with a dream of staying home with her kids. As a busy hairstylist for 15 years, Erinn juggled working long hours with her desire to spend precious time with her family.  R+F has given Erinn the freedom to build her own business, to share her vision with women everywhere, to help others feel beautiful in their skin, and to watch her kids grow and learn every day. Erinn’s R+F story is proof that dreams do come true and that there is so much more to life then working hard toward someone else’s dream. Contact Erinn

Ivette.jpgIVETTE OSORIO: Ivette, a licensed and certified pediatric speech-language pathologist, started her R+F business in October 2014.  Upon seeing the caliber and drive of R+F consultants along with the results of clinically proven products, Ivette joined the business with the intent to increase the financial opportunity for her family. The gain and entrepreneurial spirit surpassed her expectations. As a mother of 3 young children, R+F provides a flexible working lifestyle and so much more.  As a woman with big dreams, Ivette believes are no limits with R+F.  Contact Ivette

Jen Heieck sqJEN HEIECK: Jen started her R+F business in May 2015 with the determination to turn this ‘side gig’ into a full-time enterprise.  She knew from spending 15 years in Corporate America that working long hours towards building someone else’s dream just wasn’t going to create the life she was looking to lead.  After marrying the love of her life and having their daughter, Olivia, Jen set out to pursue her own dreams with Rodan + Fields®.  Jen created Team Rockstars with the belief that each of us has a rockstar within, and that we can all live the ‘rockstar’ life, on our own terms.  Contact Jen

kelly 2KELLY GREENE: Kelly is an MBA who works for a major vision care insurance provider as a Senior Analyst in Sacramento, CA. After watching a high school friend join R+F, she suggested the biz to her little sister, Erinn Cain. Erinn jumped on board and has never looked back. While Kelly supported her and watched her grow from the sidelines, she always loved the products and was quick to share with her coworkers and friends. After quite a few ‘asks’ from Erinn, she decided to become part of the awesome team she has created and is building a business of her own. Contact Kelly

kimberlyKIMBERLY REDUBLADO: Kimberly is a stay-at-home mom who started using R+F in November of 2016 to combat the severely skin-aging, dry climate of Colorado. She realized the potential of becoming a consultant and jumped in with both feet, achieving her first promotion in just 2 weeks. “This job is easier to fit into the corners of my busy life than developing WordPress websites. There is so much support and information available. I am part of a great, fun, and positive-thinking team in this business. And I can’t believe my lashes from the newest product, Lash Boost…Contact Kimberly

laura2LAURA CROZIER: Laura started her R+F Journey in May 2017. Although she worked in a Venture Capital firm in Silicon Valley, having a family was her biggest dream. Laura was promoted to full-time Mom to twin boys and adores every moment with them. Rodan + Fields has enabled her to live her dream while pursuing a career on her own time. Plus R+F is social, fun, and a way to make people feel good about themselves – all with unlimited earning potential.  After she experienced the products and did some research she fell in love with the company and the team. Contact Laura

Lindsay2LINDSAY DONALDSON: Lindsay is a wife, mommy and full-time career woman. While she knows how lucky she is, something was missing – passion for what she was doing. In 2015 Lindsay was diagnosed with breast cancer. During chemo her skin reacted, causing awful breakouts. Post chemo she was still suffering & had ripped out what tiny lashes she had left! She turned to Unblemish and Lash Boost. Within weeks she was hooked & wanted in on the action. Lindsay is excited to find her passion. She LOVES her skin & sharing these amazing products with others! Contact Lindsay

MarisolMARISOL LEAL: Marisol, a middle school special education teacher, joined Team Rockstars and started her own R+F business in August of 2017. Driven by a desire for permanent financial stability she decided to follow in her R+F sponsor’s steps and join the R+F movement. The flexible working lifestyle and clinically proven products are the perfect fit for this aspiring entrepreneur. She is excited to share her experience as a newbie to the skin care game with others and is thrilled to embark on this life changing experience. Contact Marisol

IMG_8082RYANNE CLAPSON: Ryanne joined Team Rockstars in Aug 2016 after seeing her friend, Erinn, catapult to success. Ryanne has always been passionate about finding the perfect skincare routine, and knew she was onto something big with the opportunity to join the two most famous dermatologists in the world in business.  While she was initially attracted to the ability to help her spouse out financially, she is excited to build a business  she can feel proud about. Ryanne can’t wait to see where this R+F journey takes her and her family.  Contact Ryanne


SARAH CHADBOURNE: Sarah joined the team in January 2017 as a way to round out her portfolio of wellness offerings. R+F has been the perfect compliment to her thriving AdvoCare business, offering a whole body transformation. Like many others, Sarah had searched for years for skincare products that actually work, and her quest was complete when she found Rodan + Fields. Sarah has a passion for the Network Marketing business model and loves helping others to achieve their personal and financial goals partnering with companies they are passionate about. Contact Sarah


SHAYNA LATHUS: Shayna is a middle-school science teacher and started her R+F business during her 2015 summer break.  She’d recently turned 40 and joined Team Rockstars upon seeing Jen’s Before/After results. Shayna’s entire family is thrilled with what R+F has brought to their home. Her teenaged son walks confidently into school each day, feeling good about his face, and her new husband appreciates the “extras” she provides from this side-gig. Shayna appreciates being complimented on her skin and being able to spring for some fun upgrades to their family vacations.  Contact Shayna

VanessaVANESSA THORPE: Vanessa is a stay at home Mom who decided to jump in after experiencing some serious fear of missing out.  Although this was never something on her radar – and she came up with every excuse to say no… after nine months of amazing success with her own skin, and hearing about the expansion into Canada, she said yes!  She loves successfully building a business during nap time – and never compromises time with her two boys.  Her biggest joy is seeing her friends’ amazing results and watching them love their skin all over again!  Contact Vanessa